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We help to grow your physical business space by creating positive user experiences to boost traffic footfall, naturally leading to an increase in conversions and revenue through understanding how users navigate your business's physical environment and resolving problematic areas.

The result is increased pedestrian activity, loyalty in travelers, healthier patients, happier shoppers, satisfied residents, and more engaged office workers.


Your business is receiving negative user experience feedback.

Your business is suffering from a lack of footfall and traffic.

Your business brand identity is not clear and noticeable.

Your physical business is struggling to relate to the new digital world.

Are visitors at your business lamenting they could not seem to find their way around or are your staffs so busy guiding people around instead of doing their actual job description? The ineffective wayfinding system is usually the cause of the issue. Many things can and will go wrong where navigational signs are in the wrong location, the incorrect sizing with confusing messaging. We must ensure proper planning and design of the wayfinding system to mitigate these issues.

An ineffective wayfinding system hampers traffic flow to your business. It all boils down to a good user experience. We all understand the importance of the exemplary user interface for a website, as it helps conversions. It is the same with your physical space. A sound wayfinding system helps your customer find what they want quickly without any confusion or obstacle. Through this seamless experience, they find value in coming back to visit you again and again.

Inconsistent representation of your brand identity can create a lousy perception of your business. With so many noises in a noisy world, branding consistency is key to making your business stand out; Brand identity spans from the digital world to your physical space. Graphic interpretations must be consistent so that users navigating your website will have the same consistent experience navigating your physical business space. Creating pleasant and consistent user experiences creates a memorable and noticeable brand identity.

In a fast-changing digital world, a new and fresh user experience is the new currency to engage customers. Product and offerings no longer are the sole attraction of why customers shop. Therefore, your physical business spaces must provide unique and innovative experiences to keep customer interest and put you many steps ahead of your competitors. Future-proofing and adaptability are also something to prioritize, and this is where having strategic solutions in place helps your business to be at the forefront of the digital race.


Wayfinding & Experiential Made Simple

Mazefate helps you solve the above problem areas by correctly diagnosing your project through a focused wayfinding audit right at the start of the project. With appropriate strategic analysis and thinking in place, we then provide you with solutions and guide you with a recommendation based on your budget and what is best for your business goals.


Why is this process necessary? One of the primary reasons many projects fail is that it often takes an infinite amount of iterations and changes before finally being approved, often to the detriment of an expanded scope creep, prolonged and delayed timelines, and bloated budgets. Strategic thinking and planning are essential in wayfinding even before the project starts - whether an up-and-coming new or existing development. As we work together, we help you mitigate anxiety or any lack of understanding by taking you through the process step by step.


Our Clients

Mazefate consists of professionals dedicated to problem-solving through design. We have experience consulting on large, complex projects in various applications. Here are our Clients and Partners:


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