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A wayfinding audit helps you identify negative user experiences in your development. Through the findings of the review, the problems are easily communicated to others so that all stakeholders recognize them clearly and can provide their knowledge and input into shaping the solution.


Mazefate's primary goal is to clearly help you define the problems through a wayfinding audit, forming the foundation for the overall design process. A design process that does not start with clearly defined problems is a gamble; there is no way of knowing whether the result will be helpful.

We can customize the audit according to your specific needs and requirements. You may need to work on a particular area of your location, or there may be issues you are looking to address. Some of your concerns may be related to steering behavior (for commercial reasons). Alternatively, it could be with route-finding problems users have had or addressing the wasted work hours staff have to use to direct people.

Whatever your needs, we can adapt our auditing as needed.

We evaluate wayfinding as a process rather than just getting from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. We see it as an experience you need to create in an environment that makes users want to re-use the location and space.

We conduct audits on-site for an existing business. We perform reviews through floor plans and drawings for new projects still in development.

Step 1 -


We utilize a detailed checklist to seek out potential wayfinding issues and, at the same time, identify areas that are working correctly.

Step 2 -


We conduct meetings with various stakeholders to understand their needs and issues. We also conduct surveys where necessary to obtain end-user feedback.

Step 3 - Understand

We list recommendations, identify areas to improve, and inform you of the best course of action to take, with options.

Step 4 - Recommend

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