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Frequently Asked Questions


Mazefate understands that there will be queries about the overall work process in every project. Here we list some of the common questions that are asked and hope this will help you understand how we can assist you with the process.

Does Mazefate do audits of locations outside of Singapore?
Yes, we do. We do audits all over the world. We will conduct our pre-consultation with you via a web conference to understand more about your business and concerns. After that, we will visit your site to complete the audit. Our Clients will cover travel expenses such as transportation and accommodation.
My project is not yet completed or currently under construction. Is Mazefate still able to help?
Yes, we can. For projects still under construction, we can conduct an assessment of your project using architectural floor plans and drawings. We identify potential problem areas and provide advice on preventive measures.
How long does an audit take?
The duration of the audit depends on the project's size and complexity. We will be able to advise you better once we understand your project during our pre-consultation.
Does Mazefate require our staff to be present during the audit?
Your staff is not required to be present during the audit. However, it would be beneficial if a representative could point out critical issues or concerns during the review, as it will help us understand the situation more in detail.

My business is just a tiny shop. Is Mazefate still able to help?

Of course, we can audit projects of all sizes, from small retail shops to large-scale mixed developments. As long as your business consists of physical space, we can help.
Is Mazefate able to help present the audit findings to my stakeholders?
Yes, we can. If you require us to do presentations of the audit findings, just let us know.
What are the costs of an audit?
As each project requires a bespoke approach, the cost of the audit varies according to its size and complexity. We will be able to advise you better once we understand your project during our pre-consultation.
I don't wish to do an audit but would like to get Mazefate for just design or implementation. Are you able to help?
Yes, we can. Although our recommendation would be to start every project with an audit, we designed and customized our work stages to be very flexible to suit your requirements.
How does Mazefate's "pay as you use" fee structure work?
We believe in cost-effective consultancy. Traditionally, a Client engages a Consultant through a lump sum contract basis. This process usually has problems such as delayed timelines, bloated budgets, and expanded scope creeps. We broke down the lump sum into more miniature work stages, which allows flexibility to adjust the work scope and direction depending on the project's situation and vision. Each working stage has clear deliverables, and we require payment upon each delivery. This approach allows smaller businesses to access a professional consultant without the commitment of a contract.
I wish to engage Mazefate. However, my company policy still requires a traditional contract. Are we still able to work together?
Yes, we can. Although we recommend going by the pay-as-you-use approach, we are flexible to accommodate businesses that still require a contract for work done. We can discuss this in detail during our pre-consultation.
I am interested in working with Mazefate as a partner. Are we able to work together?
Of course, we can. As an independent consultancy firm, Mazefate services are flexible to cater to our direct Clients (business owners). We are always open to collaboration opportunities. We can work with organizations such as Architects, Design Firms, and Contractors to provide our services to suit your requirements. We can discuss this in detail during our pre-consultation.


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