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There is growing awareness of the need to ensure the environments are accessible for all users, including those suffering disabilities, the elderly, mothers with prams, and everyone, including the non-disabled. BCA’s Code on Accessibility 2013 (for Singapore) dictates that locations must reasonably attempt to make themselves accessible for all user types.


Changes can often be relatively straightforward and cost-effective while significantly impacting user experience regarding accessibility. It is illegal to discriminate against disabled users, and getting an access audit will help you cover the requirements of BCA’s Code on Accessibility.

What Do We Provide with the Accessibility Audit?

With the Accessibility audits, we provide a report that includes practical, realistic, and cost-appropriate suggestions to create a better barrier-free environment on your property. Precisely what we audit in terms of your location depends on the type of environment you manage. In terms of the specific areas we tend to look at, they can include providing wayfinding guidance mechanisms such as signage to ensure disabled users have fair access to route information (including at the right height) in the following areas:


  • The car park area and access to the building.

  • The entrance and reception areas.

  • Lifts, stairs, doors, and corridors.

  • Toilet facilities.


Apart from physical spaces, we can also assess these considerations, that include the provision of:

  • Information through the website that relates to your location.

  • There are sufficient collaterals such as leaflets, paper maps, and other tools for providing information that aids disabled users and their helpers.

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